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25 things meme

February 4, 2009

I’ve been tagged for this close to ten times on facebook, so since I’m in a slump, I’m going to share with all of you the list I pulled together.

25 random things

1. I broke my leg on the same day as Barbara Bush (then First Lady) and wrote her a letter to tell her about it. I was 3.
2. Tear up a little when I hear Sinatra’s New York, New York mostly because it’s the song they play at the end of Yankee games.
3. I was picked up by the police after stealing a friends car and crashing it in a snow bank with two friends when I was 16.
4. I used to wish I had a twin that I could send to school in my place. I always half expected her to show up.
5. I refuse to grow up. You can’t make me.
6. There are a few people in my life that don’t go away, whether I want them to or not. It’s good that I usually want them around.
7. Whales…yea yea yea
8. I’m a really sore loser, even though I try really hard not to be.
9. I hate the process of drying. I love being wet and being dry, just not the stage in between.
10. I want a puppy more than anything.
11. I shorten everyone’s name to one syllable but I’m really bad at coming up with nicknames. Except for my brother, for whom I have at least ten names I use regularly.
12. I live by Newton’s Law of Inertia: I need a big push to get me moving and a big push to make me stop.
13. I’ve moved through 15+ serious career aspirations in my life, but I’m running out of ideas.
14. I can no longer actively navigate when I drive in my hometown. I have to picture where I’m going when I leave and then I autopilot there.
15. I love food.
16. I don’t care if things are messy (I almost prefer it) but I hate it if they’re dirty.
17. I have a thing for guys with perfectly even teeth, but have never dated someone with them.
18. I had my bellybutton pierced but my body rejected it. I miss it.
19. I spend too much time reliving memories.
20. I like to bake when I’m sick and I clean when I’m stressed. (both are compulsions more than anything else)
21. My family is the most important influence on my life.
22. I love reading but hate that it makes me feel antisocial.
23. I always wish I was naturally incredibly talented at something and I get jealous of people who can sing, draw/paint, dance, etc. with natural talent.
24. I always work better under pressure. The longer I have to do something, the longer it will take me.
25. When I was in elementary school it would take me so long to finish any assignment that I had to have special meetings with my parents, teachers, etc to make me concentrate. I even had to have a kitchen timer on my desk that the teacher would set each time the class did anything (like fill out this worksheet, Heather you have seven minutes). I was always the last one to finish anything. This lasted until middle school at least. It is now called ADD. Go figure.

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  1. February 4, 2009 12:02 pm

    I can so relate to 19 and 23. 19, though, I relate through my husband. He has like a photographic memory for high school, and he graduated DECADES ago!! I think that people who are constantly living in the past don’t have much going on in the present. Make the most of today! Do fun stuff! Make new memories!!

    23. I can completely relate to that. I would actually PRAY for a special talent, a gift, a calling. I always wished, growing up, that my path would be clear and obvious, my future sort of decided for me based on what I excelled at, but that was never the case. I’m pretty good at most things, very good at some things, but not truly excellent at anything.

  2. February 4, 2009 12:03 pm

    Oh, and then there are the things I completely suck at, LOL.

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