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Booking Through Thursday

January 15, 2009

btt2But, enough about books … Other things have words, too, right? Like … songs!If you’re anything like me, there are songs that you love because of their lyrics; writers you admire because their songs have depth, meaning, or just a sheer playfulness that has nothing to do with the tunes.

So, today’s question?

  • What songs … either specific songs, or songs in general by a specific group or writer … have words that you love?
  • Why?
  • And … do the tunes that go with the fantastic lyrics live up to them?

You don’t have to restrict yourself to modern songsters, either … anyone who wants to pick Gilbert & Sullivan, for example, is just fine with me. Lerner & Loewe? Steven Sondheim? Barenaked Ladies? Fountains of Wayne? The Beatles? Anyone at all…

1158811392I don’t even have to hesitate with this one: Jason Mraz. He is one person who knows how to have so much fun with words, playing off their sounds and their meanings and then adding an addicting tune. He calls himself Mr. A-Z (get it? M-R-A-Z) and with good reason. He doesn’t take the words too seriously and the way he uses them is creative, like they’re pliable and he can use them however he wishes. The melodies he attaches adds a rhythm that challenges the flow, controls it and makes the words a playground. Sometimes they’re stepping stones to be hopped over quickly, only lightly landed on before departing. Sometimes they flow sloftly and carry you. Sometimes they twirl around you so fast your mouth can’t speak, only smile and laugh. Think I’m exaggerating again? Here are a few snippets of my favorite lines and then my favorite song. Read them and enjoy the words, but if you can, listen to the music that electrifies them. Then tell me, what are your favorites?

From I’m Yours:

I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted.


I guess what I be saying is there ain’t no better reason

To rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons

It’s what we aim to do, our name is our virtue

From Wordplay:

(this section is the bridge of the song, so note that wordplay too)

I built a bridge across the stream of consciousness

It always seems to be a flowin’

But I don’t know which way my brain is goin’

Oh the rhymin’ and the timin’

Keeps the melodies inside me

And they’re comin’ til I’m running out of air

Are you prepared to take a dive into the deep end of my head?

Are you listening to a single word I’ve said?

Finally, my favorite lyrics, Bella Luna:

Mystery the moon
A hole in the sky
A supernatural nightlight
So full but often right
A pair of eyes a closin’ one
A chosen child of golden sun
A marble dog that chases cars
To farthest reaches of the beach and far beyond into the swimming sea of stars

A cosmic fish they love to kiss
They’re giving birth to constellation
No riffs and oh no reservation
If they should fall you get a wish or dedication
May I suggest you get the best
For nothing less than you and I
Let’s take a chance as this romance is rising over before we lose the lighting
Oh bella bella please
Bella you beautiful luna
Oh bella do what you do
Do do do do do

You are an illuminating anchor
Of leagues to infinite number
Crashing waves and breaking thunder
Tiding the ebb and flows of hunger
You’re dancing naked there for me
You expose all memory
You make the most of boundary
You’re the ghost of royalty imposing love
You are the queen and king combining everything
Intertwining like a ring around the finger of a girl
I’m just a singer, you’re the world
All I can bring ya
Is the language of a lover
Bella luna, my beautiful, beautiful moon
How you swoon me like no other

May I suggest you get the best
Of your wish may I insist
That no contest for little you or smaller I
A larger chance happened, all them they lie
On the rise, on the brink of our lives
Bella please
Bella you beautiful luna
Oh bella do what you do
Bella luna, my beautiful, beautiful moon
How you swoon me like no other, oh oh oh

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  1. bluestockingbb permalink
    January 15, 2009 9:54 am

    Interesting name -Mr. A-Z.

    My post is up Book Reviews

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