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I Didn’t Know That: Maverick

December 11, 2008

From I Didn’t Know That: From ‘Ants in the Pants’ to ‘Wet Behind the Ears’ The Unusual Origins of the Things We Say by Karlen Evins

I was Joe Six-Pack for Halloween this year, and we all have a new appreciation for the word, so here it is: Maverick


“It was in Texas around the mid-1800s that cattle branding was all the rage for ranches wanting to identify their cattle as their own. It was Samuel Maverick, owner of one of the largest ranches around, who decided that in not branding his cattle would they be best identified. Maverick declared that any cattle found without a brand were his own. As this method would’ve included all wild and unclaimed beasts as well as his own, his attempts failed. Soon, his name became synonymous with anything that hadn’t been claimed by a prior group.” page 77

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  1. December 15, 2008 7:19 am

    ha! (I admit, I thought you were trying to explain that Sam Maverick was the first Joe-Six-Pack or something. I got it now..)

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