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Dewey will be missed

December 2, 2008

I’ve been writing draft after draft, trying to express how incredibly and inexplicably saddened I am. I never knew Dewey in ‘real life;’ I never even talked to her online except through our blogs. However, Dewey was the one who truly welcomed me into the world of blogging and it wasn’t until I started doing her Weekly Geeks that I felt like a real book blogger, not just a fraud with a wordpress account.

Her loss is acutely felt, not only by me, but clearly across the community that she did so much to foster. I am most upset that I never took the time to tell her just how much I appreciate everything that she did or just how much I looked forward to each and every one of her posts. She was a source of warmth in a notoriously unemotional medium (the internet) and I credit her with pulling in a true community around her and continuously reaching out and welcoming more.

As many have said, blogging land is a sadder, slightly darker place without her ever present light.

She will be sorely missed.

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