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National Book Festival!!!

September 28, 2008

So the National Book Festial was yesterday. I had to wait until I got off work and I heard that it was unbelievably crowded, but once I got my roommate and her boyfriend moving, it was wonderful. The steady rain all morning had thinned out the crowd significantly. Sadly, I missed most of the authors I really wanted to see and didn’t get any of my books signed. But it was still really fun and I was impressed by how family/kid friendly it was! They had characters there to take pictures with kids, a number of kids stations, even a Lost & Found/Lost Child station with picnic tables, coloring books and a security officer to look after them! Even better, no one was in there!

Well, either way, these are my pictures. I bought The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer and The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. I really wish I had gotten The Other Queen signed. I found out after that if I had run, I would have just made it! Ok, really, pictures…

This is the mall as we approached… ugly day, I know.

I tried to get a good pic of the logo, but that guy wouldn’t get out of the way…

Sandra Brown speaking, we caught her just at the end, so I don’t know what she talked about. Honestly, I was so afraid of missing something that I mostly missed everything! Either way, Sandra Brown…

CSPAN Mobile!

Magic School Bus, real and in person! It was cute, kids could go through it. We would have except a) we’re in college and b) the line was too long. You decide which reason really stopped us.

My roommate and I with the Magic School Bus and the Magic School Bus books they gave out at the end. They gave us a whole stack by accident (6), but of course we are donating them.

Puddle jumping. So many cute kids with rainboots (or not) jumping in the puddles, but we were jumping around them.

Peter Robinson talking about how he was not going to talk too much about his book. He was just going to read from it and answer questions but he didn’t want to give too much away. Yea… but I loved his accent!

My roommate at the New Jersey table in the Pavilion of States. She was New Jersey’s Cherry Blossom Princess this year, so she was kind of a big deal.

And finally I found my way into the Barnes & Noble tent…Somehow I only left with two books. Probably because I only had five minutes to shop until they closed; it had very little to do with my own self-control. My mother told me I have a problem… again.

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