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The Wilde Women review

August 5, 2008

My first review on here!

A Novel
Publisher’s description:

Paula Wall, the national bestselling author of The Rock Orchard, returns with another witty, wise, and romantic tale of two sisters with a talent for seduction and the unfortunate habit of falling for the wrong man every time.

The Wilde sisters dove headfirst into this world on fire with life and expectation. With hair black as midnight and eyes blazing blue, they grow into truly irresistible women. But as well as being blessed with beauty and determination, the Wilde sisters are cursed with equal tastes for mischief and bad men. And both of these appetites always lead to trouble. Love either lifts a woman up or drags her down. When a Wilde woman dies, they don’t have to dig a hole.

On Black Friday in Five Points, Tennessee, Pearl Wilde finds her sister, Kat, in the barn wearing both her favorite shoes and her fiancé. As quick to fury as she is to passion, Pearl leaves town immediately. She returns five years later a sophisticated femme fatale, with her claws sharpened like stainless steel and a demeanor so cool that the townspeople can no longer tell if she even has sweat glands. Slowly and deliberately, Pearl begins her revenge on Kat by captivating all the men of Five Points, but all the while never forgetting the one man who had the power to break her heart.

In The Wilde Women, Paula Wall once again bewitches the reader with humor, sass, smarts, and sensuality, creating a hilarious and beguiling world where sometimes the best revenge is forgiveness.

Review and Grade: D+

I enjoyed this novel as I read it, but by the end I was losing interest. There are just so many characters to follow and as a result, none were really able to develop. The protagonists, Pearl and Kat Wilde held so much potential for strong character in the beginning but by the end, they simply fell flat. The plot developed about as much as the characters. There are so many questions and intrigues early on that are wrapped up so neatly by the end that they simply aren’t worth knowing.
The strengths of this novel is the style, which makes me confident that Paula Wall has another good book in her. She managed to keep me interested far past the point when I realized it wasn’t going anywhere, which says a lot. She also had a few quotable jems thrown in that show insight into the true nature of relationships.
Overall, I would recommend this book to someone who has nothing better to do and nothing better to read. It isn’t a bad book, but it is severely lacking.

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